I Have A New Website!

Hello everyone! Thanks for being my friends and fans and visitors over the years. I have recently created a new website for my graphic design and blog! I’m very excited to share this with you. HomePageInfo-01 I’ll be adding my new design blog posts, TiredMommy comics, and much more to my new website. Please visit here http://www.EmmaleeDesignsArt.com and Subscribe if you’d like my updates. Thanks!

The Thanksgiving Art Project: Blog 3 #tgartproject


The Thanksgiving Art Project #tgartproject

Here’s a photo of my painting one of the many paintings available to purchase for The Thanksgiving Art Project! Check out the link here or the one above to learn more about how you can support The Thanksgiving Art Project.

Participate here.

Learn more here.

The Thanksgiving Art Project #tgartproject


The Thanksgiving Art Project

Now 52 pieces of artwork are available to purchase! The Thanksgiving Art Project will donate 100% of the profits to a charity fighting the Ebola Crisis. Read more about it in the link above or here.

Thanks for supporting this project by liking us on Facebook or sharing or purchasing a painting!


The Thanksgiving Art Project #tgartproject

My Little Brave-01

The Thanksgiving Art Project

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

The Thanksgiving Art Project is a project that I created to raise money for a charity fighting Ebola. Please click on the link in the bar above or the one here to read more. I have over 40 paintings for sale on my Etsy for those of you who’d like to participate. The above painting is one of the pieces for sale.


Oversized Postcard Design



It’s been awhile since I’ve posted my design work on my blog. Thanks to my adorable 8 month old baby, I don’t actually have much time to work on design anyway. :)  But here’s my latest printed design. It is an over-sized postcard for my church to advertise an upcoming event.

Let me know if you’re interested in having me design any printed material for your business. As always, thanks for stopping by my blog.

And yes, that’s me on the postcard (my husband is the pastor of this church).