My first post: getting to know me

Hello everyone! Here’s my first WordPress blog.

Hi! My name is Emmalee. I have been painting for over a year now. I have been slowly discovering my style. I love to focus on what you see, not what is really there. I like to use the highlights, shadows, and reflective light to convey a powerful emotion if possible. Hey, if the Baroque painters could use fast brush strokes and color like that then I can too. ;P I paint as often as I can, so keep an eye on my shop. There will be new paintings available soon, and much better then the ones that are there now, if I do say so myself. :)

My other passion is travel. I’ve been to 14 countries and counting. I will go anywhere to see new things and experience things I have not. I’ve ridden elephants in Cambodia and have gone night  spear fishing in Micronesia. I’ve climbed the Eiffel Tower and worked on an archaeological dig in Israel. I’ll never be able to stop traveling. Once you catch that bug you can never shake it.

Right now, I’m finishing up an art degree at a university and learning French. Oui!


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