Process of a Self Portrait

I’ve been learning in my art history class about the Baroque painters. Apparently they started using less detail, more color, and focused on where the light hit the objects. I realized that that is how I paint. So, like Rembrandt I decided to start painting a series of self portraits. Here’s the progress that I’ve made so far.

I didn’t do a pencil sketch before hand. I just pulled out a mirror and started throwing paint on the canvas. This method seems most natural to me.

I’m starting to add shape to the face with shadows.

I amazed myself when I added the tiny line of white on the bottom of the chin. That reflective light really made the chin stand out and let it remain round looking. :)

More details. My hair is a difficult color to paint. It’s called “red” but in practice it is brown, yellow, white, blue (yes, there’s blue) and a pinch of red. Honestly I think there is more red paint in my cheeks than my hair at this point.

The eyes. Some painters believe that the hands are the widow to the soul, but I’m more traditional, I think that it is the eyes that show you the person’s soul. (And, yes, my nose does have a weird crooked, polygon plane on the bridge).

Well, that’s all for now. I can’t paint the dress until I have several uninterrupted hours because the folds of the fabric will change if I move too much, and that won’t look good. :)

2 thoughts on “Process of a Self Portrait

  1. The eyes… Modigliani was big on the eyes as a window to one’s soul too. Picasso painted peasants hands which also shed some light into the soul. I prefer your method “throwing paint on the canvas” this tells you more about the painter’s soul

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