A Face Full of Blocks

I needed to create one object out of many identical small ones. After talking with a bunch of people I decided to use small wooden blocks to create a mask in the shape of my face.

I started by using the table saw to carefully (I emphasize carefully) make dozens of tiny wooden blocks. Then I sanded the down individually because they were splintering on the edges and that makes them difficult to work with.

Then came the fun part: gluing them together. I started with my lower lip and worked down to create the base in the shape of my chin. Then I stacked them one layer at a time and waited for the glue to dry. When I stacked them up to my eyes I had to have my husband place the blocks in place then I would remove the mask and adjust them properly. It was kind of fun to create and I like how it all turned out. I can clearly see the resemblance to my face.

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