My husband wrote another amazing blog on healthy relationships.

true love is...

What makes a successful relationship? How can two people find true love and happiness together? Is there a formula we can follow to ensure eternal wedded bliss? I don’t believe there is. Every relationship, composed of two unique individuals, is unique. There is no magic formula; you can’t “follow this one rule for a happy marriage” because every relationship is different. There are, however, principles that can guide you as you and your partner pursue fulfillment in life together. Here are five principles that I believe have helped Emmalee and me build a happy, healthy marriage together. I call them the Five Cs.

If you want your relationship to last over the long run, you and your partner need to be compatible with each other. This might seem obvious; of course two people who plan on spending their lives together need to get along. But this goes deeper than…

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