I Sniff My New Books


Ever since I can remember the first thing that I do with a fresh new book is lift it up to my nose and take a sniff. I love the fragrance of fresh ink and crisp, dry paper, or the slightly dusty smell of an older book that hasn’t been off of the shelf in many years. Then there are the leather-bound books that nearly send a flavor into the air.

Library books I would describe as having a musty, old, dusty, used, or worn scent. They are a combination of all the inks and papers used to build them, all the hands that turned their pages, and all the places that they have visited. Some library books are left to decay with the hint of mildew and mold. It makes me a little sad in my heart to think that these books are ignored. What sad, lonely books those are. 

So, read your books! And take a deep breath of the inky goodness that wafts from them.


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