I Saw John Carter: And This is My Short Review

“John Carter is a product of a simpler time, when sense of adventure was paramount, and the film has this in spades.” Tim Martain.

That sentence pretty much describes to movie. The movie opens to a battle between two groups of humans in flying machines: one wearing bright red and the other in blue. It had the quality of an old black and white pirate style movie. This romanticized adventure feeling is probably because the movie is based off of a book published in 1912. Most of the movie ended up being long talking scenes interspersed with over the top fighting scenes. And for a movie about war there was very little blood. (I’m not saying that I enjoy a bloody and violent movie, but this movie is not at all realistic when it comes to the battle scenes.) A lot of people are saying that the movie felt long and tedious. I would have to agree, especially in the first 30 minutes or so, pretty much until John got to Mars. The section of the movie on Earth should have been cut down drastically.

I think that the romance was pretty much unbelievable as well. The guy falls in love with the girl because… well, I’m not exactly sure why, except that she was the first human he found on Mars. She apparently fell in love with him because she knew in her heart that he was a hero even though he kept wanting to go back to Earth. Well, that’s pretty much how romance goes in movies these days anyway. It’s almost as if Hollywood types have forgot what love really is…

Overall, I think that if you enjoy a fun, almost innocent, adventure movie with a happy ending than this movie is for you. If you’d like something more serious and not so straight forward than you’d better pass on this movie. I give it a “B” for fun adventure.


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