Bernini, You are Ridiculous!

Bernini is ridiculous! Ridiculously good as a sculptor. He is easily one of my favorite sculpture artists of all time. My art history professor pointed out one day that one of his favorite Bernini sculptures was The Rape of Proserpina because of the way that Bernini created the man’s hands. I would have to agree that that part of the sculpture is amazing because it really looks like real hands squeezing real flesh. Thanks “A Travel in Time” for writing this blog on Bernini.

A Travel in Time

Gian Lorenzo Bernini was born in Naples 413 years ago, on 7 December 1598.  

He was the leading sculptor of his age, also a great figure in the emergence of Roman Baroque architecture and a wonderful painter. He approached Michelangelo in his omnicompetence: Bernini sculpted, worked as an architect, painted, wrote plays and staged spectacles. 

At an early age Bernini came to the attention of the papal nephew, Cardinal Scipione Borghese, and in 1621, at the age of only twenty three, he was knighted by Pope Gregory XV. Following his accession to the papacy, Urban VIII is reported to have said, “Your luck is great to see Cardinal Maffeo Barberini Pope, Cavaliere; but ours is much greater to have Cavalier Bernini alive in our pontificate”. 

It was on Cardinal Borghese’s request that Bernini sculpted the Greek Hermaphroditus, in 1619. The statue was inspired by a Roman copy of the 2nd century…

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3 thoughts on “Bernini, You are Ridiculous!

  1. I just made myself try to say Bernini in an Italian accent… and… well, lets just say its good that you cant hear me…

    when we studied art… his was one of those i appreciated best!

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