Muffins and Space

I’m not sure how many of you have noticed that my Stats are recorded in “muffins per second.” My friends, it is time to tell that story.

Once upon a time, my husband was playing a new space game that he bought. Now I’ve played a little Mass Effect and KotOR so I would naturally be interested when I saw the amazing world from the X3 game. I watched him play the game for a few minutes and then noticed that his ship speed was recorded in “ms.” “What does it mean?” I asked with the curiosity of a small child. He told me that he didn’t know, afterall he had just started playing the game. I promptly decided that the M and S stood for Muffins and Second.

So there you have it. If space ships can fly through the amazing universe of X3 at muffins per second than my blog page can too!

Thanks everyone for getting my page up to 1,341 muffins per second!


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