Quest for the perfect jeans

It’s hard to find the perfect jeans. I remember reading The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and thinking “yeah right!” Sure, there is a pair of jeans that will not only fit one person perfectly, but 4! Ok, I know that that was just a story, but still. Is it possible to find that perfect pair of jeans? I challenge myself to, not only find that pair, but to do it online (due to the fact that I am in a tiny town in Southwest Michigan where there are no amazing stores)! Who’s with me?

For starters I typed into my trusty Google friend “find the perfect pair of jeans” and this is what I’ve found so far:

Cosmopolitan article

Cosmopolitan states:

What To Look For: If you are an hourglass, a classic, wide-legged trouser with a mid-rise and flat front will keep you looking slim in all the right places—but still show off your sexy curves.

What To Look For: When you’re tall, you can definitely rock long and lean straight-legged styles—or go retro and try flared, ’70s-inspired denim.

Today Style: Tips for finding that perfect pair of jeans

From the Today Style: “Don’t buy into a trend unless it flatters you.” Excellent advice for any kind of clothing, not just jeans.

If you are more visual, like me, this link comes with a video interviewing Stacy London of TLC’s “What not to Wear.” She includes these helpful tips.

Denim rules
1. Consider jeans the way you would a pair of work trousers — they are alterable. Custom jeans are becoming more and more popular.
2. They are a great blank canvas. You can try out trends by paring them with jeans rather than trying to do a whole trend “look.”
3. If you find a great-fitting pair, always buy two: one to wear with flats and one to wear with heels.
4. Jeans can work on all women, no matter what age, size, etc. — but not all styles work for all women. Wear a style because it’s flattering, not just because it’s trendy.

Last but not least, InStyle has some tips for us!


For an hourglass figure they recommend boot-cut jeans: a curve-friendly boot fit will create a smooth line that will balance your hips.

So there you have it! My quest is complete… ish… I now know that I could try anything from wide to straight to boot-cut jeans for my figure. Lol. Thanks for going on this little andventure time with me. Next time I try to pick out the perfect pair of jeans I will meet you at the mall even if I have to drive a ways.


One thought on “Quest for the perfect jeans

  1. Found the perfect jeans two years ago, never parted with it. I wear it whenever I can! So many memories from it. I mean even when the time I gained weight. I could still use it. Its like magic!

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