Experience Something Extraordinary: A Portrait of the Artist as a Game Studio

I don’t usually get excited about video games. I also don’t really pay attention to them all that much, so maybe I’m behind the times. A friend of mine shared this article on the aesthetic progress of thatgamecompany: from flOw to Journey. The screen shots from Journey awakened that childlike sense of wonder and adventure in my heart that the adult world has been trying to squash out of me. I could really get lost in a game like that, I thought. And, isn’t that why we play games and read good books, to take a break from the everyday and experience something extraordinary?

“While we often see the evolution of artists working in old media, ever-shifting technical terrain tends to obscure videogame makers’ aesthetic trajectories. In Thatgamecompany’s pathbreaking and gorgeous games for the Playstation 3, we get the rare chance to watch these artists at work against a fixed technological backdrop.”

A Portrait of the Artist as a Game Studio

You should read this amazing article about Thatgamecompany who created flOw and Journey.

“In independent games, wherein we must hope that aesthetics drive creators more than commercialism, creative evolution often takes place in tentative ways, in forms far less refined and mature than the videogame console that serves as the medium’s equivalent to the cinema or the first-run hardback…. the artists who work in game development for its beauty before its profitability typically don’t get to choose the most public of venues in which to experiment and come of age artistically. Thatgamecompany’s new title Journey is an exception.”


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