Artist vs Makeup: Cezanne

Cezanna makeup? Cezanne was interested in life as shapes. He liked to simplify them into their most basic shapes like cylinders and cones. He also liked to mess with perspective. If you look at tables and walls in his paintings you will notice that the lines that are formed don’t line up correctly. One-point perspective doesn’t exist in these paintings. But, back to my point. Why name your makeup brand after Cezanne? He wasn’t trying to paint things for beauty’s sake or even idealized, which is what we would expect from a makeup brand. Cezanne wanted to push the boundaries of the art world at his time and make the canvas into something that it had never been before.

Here are two of his paintings of women. If you were an art history student, such as myself, than this is what you would picture when you heard the name Cezanne.


2 thoughts on “Artist vs Makeup: Cezanne

  1. For me, Cézanne brings to mind many things fruit, skulls, card player, Mt. Ste. Victoire…although the most fascinating subject, like you said, was women, specifically his wife (who must have been fed up with him asking her to sit for portraits all the time)

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