Incredible 3D Screw Art Portraits

Another amazing artist! Wow!


Wow. This makes me want to skip out on work today and head straight to Home Depot to pick up some power tools, plywood and approximately 10,000 screws. Yeah, yeah I know that I would never be able to recreate what Andrew Meyers does, but I can at least dream right?

American artist Andrew Myers uses screws to create amazing, detailed, 3D-portraits of people. Myers spends just two or three days and up to ten thousand screws for each piece. He takes a sheet of plywood, makes a sketch of a portrait in pencil, and then begins to place the screws at different depths turning a flat image into a volume masterpiece. Easier said than done.

Check them out – so amazing!

Biography:  Since his early childhood, Andrew Myers has been artistically influenced by european life and culture.  Born in Braunshweig, Germany and raised in Ciudad Real, Spain his exposure…

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