I discovered Vintage Vogue

I was looking online for inspiration for my next painting and I ran across a photograph of three models sitting in a well manicured park in what appeared to me to be Victorian age dresses. I thought, that would be a fun and challenging thing to paint! After all the Salon in Paris pre-impressionism thought that painting fabric folds was absolutely necessary and even required to be a real artist. And I most certainly want to be a real artist I told myself. So off to the Google search I went. After a few clicks from one dress page to the next I quickly found myself staring at a most glorious dress in this black and white photo below. Wait, that was taken in 1934, if the caption is to be believed. But I swear that I’ve seen this dress before. And before I knew it, I was furiously clicking and typing and clicking to find this dress in a more recognizable, and colored, photo. (I don’t know about you but if I ever try to go back through my history to find a page that I had been on it is nearly impossible. I surf the web like I’m trying to conquer Mavericks in Northern Cali. Look it up.) Anywho, the search for the dress began…

Claudtte Colbert 1934

I don’t know much about dresses so finding the right name to search for was a challenge. This dress looked like a mermaid style to me. So I typed in “mermaid Oscar dresses,” cause it was probably in the Oscars that I saw the similar dress. I found these…

And this one…

And some of these…

Wow, Halle Berry, you continue to impress me!

Somewhere in my search I ran across the name “trumpet” dress. How is it different than the mermaid I thought? The skirt may be longer with a little train? Hmmm… (It never crossed my mind to look up exactly what a trumpet dress is. I’m an artist! I learn by looking and experiencing, not reading. Well, sometimes I try to read… If it’s the Hunger Games.) So, here’s what I found in the trumpet category.

I would wear that last one for sure! Wow! And if Claudtte Colbert showed up for the Oscars today in that exact dress, she’d get an A+ for sure!

So, I didn’t find the exact dress that I was looking for, but I did discover some amazing vintage dresses and some amazing current styles. All in all, I think that it was a very productive internet search for painting inspiration! Also, I am desperate to shop now! Give me beautiful dresses!


4 thoughts on “I discovered Vintage Vogue

  1. Michelle Williams and Rooney Mara have certainly got it spot on – I would not need much persuading to wear those dresses. In fact I absolutely love the cut of most of those in the Mermaid style. Aaah, if I only I was a movie star….

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