Can you feel old at 27?

I’m a 27 year old, like the title leads you to believe, who is in college for the second time. (That is a long-ish story.) So, here are a few things that happened this week to make me feel old.

First, I was in my art history class learnin’ about the good ol’ days at the turn of the century. The last one. The one before we were alive. The change from 1800s to 1900s… Anyway, the professor was explaining to us how people felt worried and anxious because times were changing and important things were happening in the world. The famous Scream was painted by Edvard Munch was created just because of this cultural anxiety. My professor asked the class who remembered being anxious when the clocks turned to the year 2000, during the big Y2K panic? My hand immediately shot up from the back row where I usually sit. No one else’s hands moved. What? You guys were like, lets see… 19-20 years old now, subtract 12 or so years…. doing some math… Ok, so you were like 7 or 8. Come on kids these things were important!

Ok, so the other thing that happened was a coworker made a joke from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You in front of another younger coworker. The younger one stared blankly clearly not understanding the reference. The older one asked if she had ever seen the movie and the younger one obviously said no. I remember seeing that movie several times in high school. Who wouldn’t have watched that movie, it had Heath Ledger in it!

So, there you go world. At 27 I feel old. My life events happened before this generation of “adults” can remember. My movies are obsolete. Sadness. There is only one thing left to do… watch 10 Things I Hate About You!

8 thoughts on “Can you feel old at 27?

  1. 27 is a profound year, and it has its own club its that changes your life. I did exactly the same after travelling around the world and doing a whole heap of things I decided to take up film and photography at uni at 27 and learning about art history was the first on the list. One thing lead to another and I am now 33 and this is the next big number you will be waiting for 33 is the year of resurrection. All the projects that you put on the back burner will get new life, and you will look at 27 studying art as a profound life change up.

      • I’m slightly jealous and want to go back and study art all over again for the first time. I would soak in more whindge less and do more. You inspire me to get out the old tutes and read up on an old artist

  2. You miss the academic world once you leave it. Or at least that is how I feel. Good to see you found a new passion and are pursuing it. Are you majoring in art history or just taking a course on it?

    • I’m majoring in Art and taking a few courses in art history. I’m quite tempted to get a Master’s degree in Art History and go on to teach at the college level. I’ve got one more semester to go before I have to make all of those decisions though. :)

      • Well, I’m not taking graphic design technically, but I’ve taken enough of the classes to build up my portfolio. I think that I would be a graphic designer, preferably working for someone. Freelance design sounds like it would be too involved.

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