Myself vs. The House

Chore challenge! House, I challenge you to a duel! I will clean you in an hour or less! Well, House, do you accept? Hmmm?!?! I take your silence as acceptance to this heroic duel! To the camera to document this adventure into the scary and unknown.

1:32: Take photos to document the natural disaster of several days of work, homework, school, work… rinse and repeat.

1:33: Turn on the soundtrack of my life, The Civil Wars. Those people are amazing!

1:34: To the kitchen!

1:44: Dishwasher loaded! The rest of dishes soaking. Collecting trash.

2:01: Filled up the dishrack with clean dishes… There’s still pots and pans left to wash. Sigh. House, you are winning this so far. (In the back of my head I thought that I’d be down by now.) But I shall perservere! Since when has an Emmalee quit anything? Never!

2:02: Pep talk complete. I’m ready to hit the living room where there is literally a pile of sticks on the carpet from a sculpture that I was working on til the wee hours of the morning.

2:17: Checked the clock: what?!?! Time stop going by so fast! There’s so much more to do!

2:18: (My husband’s telling me funny things on the facebook chat, so I have to take a break from cleaning… procrastination… procrastination… Shush brain! I’m only taking a little break.) Ok, this is too good not to share. My husband is in a preaching class and the professor is teaching them how to make “good” Powerpoint presentation slides for sermons. The professor said they should use “round-y” fonts not “pointy” fonts. It took my husband a minute to figure out that he meant sans-serif fonts. Remember that kids, sans-serif fonts are now called “round-y” in non-art circles. The professor went on to add that they should add outer glows to the wording and other things that included gradients and horrifying stuff. I usually agree with what my husband learns at the Seminary, but today I’ll have to respectfully disagree. Leave the art and design to the artists.

Awe, my husband added that I shouldn’t clean. He will do it when he comes home. But, I refuse to let the house win! I challenged it to a duel and I will finish!

2:27: Break over, back to the kitchen.

2:55: House vacuumed. Dishes put away. Laundry in washer. I’m gonna call it a day!

You won this time, house. Til next time!


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