How has blogging affected my life?

How has blogging affected my life? A fully comprehensive list.

1. I found myself wanting to add photos to a book review that I’m doing for a class to make it more interesting. Lol. I don’t think that my professor will count the photographs as part of the final page count.

2. I find myself looking at life as if it is a story. How could I tell this story to entertain my followers? (At this point I want to thank my current 78 followers for sticking with me for over a month!)

3. I wake up and read your blogs in the morning instead of Facebook. Facebook is a gossipy black hole where my free time goes to die. At least I learn about famous artists, traveling, or general advice from my lovely WordPress friends.

4. I’d say that my writing skills have improved, but that’d be a lie. I hope that after I’ve blogged for more than a month that I would see an improvement in my written communication skills.

Ok, so I could only think of 4-ish. It’s not a long list, but I love sharing my thoughts and artwork with you guys so I will continue to blog and see where this leads me! Have an excellent Thursday everyone!


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