Egg-cited! A brief guide to egg dying

As a child, I don’t remember ever dying Easter eggs. So, naturally, I was excited this year when my husband and I began the egg dying process. Here’s the process for those of you who are not entirely sure about that process like I was. :)

1. Boil the eggs and don’t let them break. (Note: one of my eggs did).
2. Let eggs cool and dry them completely.
3. Mix the dye with vinegar no matter what the package says. Lemon juice doesn’t help the dye to stick to the eggs at all.
4. Let eggs soak until they have achieved the color that you like.
5. Carefully remove the eggs with the wire scoop and let them air dry. Don’t touch them or pat them dry because this will smear the dye.


In case you were wondering; the blue egg is a quick sketch of my lovely husband. Two extra points if you can guess who the orange egg is!

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