30 Before 30 List

I ran across this blog page this morning and I really liked this idea: write a list of goals called “30 before 30; A list of professional and personal goals.” Unlike the woman who posted this list, I have 3 more years to complete my list. So, I will have to challenge myself with the forthcoming list.

Here it goes!

My 30 Before 30

01 Create an inspiring studio space at home (I stole this one from the lady who posted this list, but it is an amazing idea. I usually paint at the dining room table right now.)

02 Create an amazing portfolio website and blog. This one’s ok, but I really need to take it to the next level for my career.

03 Get a good graphic design internship.

04 Travel to 2 countries that I haven’t been to yet.

05 Make a masterpiece painting. Something that I look at and say “WoooooOOOOOOOooooooow!” like the Asian girl on Scott Pilgrim.

06 Write a book. (This is in the REAL CHALLENGE category).

07 Go on a road trip.

08 Graduate with honors in December. (So close… must get A’s…).

09 Get an amazing design job or go to graduate school… (I’m undecided on this right now).

10 Finally find that hair style that I love.

11 Go to a baseball game.

12 Take my husband to the beach.

13 Buy oil paints and use them. (I’ve only ever painted with acrylic and watercolor).

14 Read more classic books.

15 Go to a cool concert (The Civil Wars?)

16 Go camping.

17 Figure out if I’m related to the John Hart who signed the Declaration of Independence (My great-grandmother always said that I was…).

18 Buy an amazing camera and learn how to use it.

19 Go whale watching (This is in the BIG CHALLENGE category too, because I am terrified of whales).

20 Decorate my house in a way that reflects my personality.

21 Dress up for a movie premiere. (That’s just for fun. I think that I’d like to go to Catching Fire in full Capital make-up).

22 Get my sister’s book published. It is amazing and she is nearly finished writing it.

23 Have a baby (Put this is the maybe category).

24 Build a ridiculous design portfolio

25 Learn how to use my telescope properly.

26 Buy an espresso machine.

27 Have a pet.

28 Live in a house, instead of an apartment. (My husband and I have been in apartments for our 3 married years).

29 Learn more about cooking and baking!

30 Be content with whatever life brings! (Life is too short to worry about what could have happened. Enjoy your present, and dream a little about the future, but don’t live in the past).

30 Before 30


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