God and Art: My spiritual journey to art school

This blog is much more personal than the stuff that I usually write. I’ve been meaning to write it for awhile now. So here it goes.

Art, for me, has been as much of a spiritual journey as it has been an exploration in my talents. In the past I have found it difficult to tell my short life story to others because it felt like a failure. The story of my adult life consisted of art school for two years, being a missionary in Micronesia for a year, nursing school for two years, working as a nurse for a year and a half, moving to another state for my husband’s school, and finally ending up back in art school. I was searching for God’s purpose in my life. As a Christian, I desperately wanted to serve God in all that I did, including my career.

One day I started telling my story to a bunch of professors and realized that it didn’t bother me anymore. I was not hit by an overwhelming sense of failure by quitting my last career of nursing. I did not fail at nursing, but that act of walking away from a lucrative profession into the unknown felt like failure to me.

It was in that darkness that I found who I am. I was not able to accept the fact that I was an artist until I had gone out in the world and tried nearly everything else. A professor told me today that God would not have given me artistic talent and then ask me to leave it to serve God in a way that everyone else does. God gives talents to people and expects those people to use them. This professor told me that that is where my faith comes in. I need to have faith that God can use the talents that he gave me and give God time to work in my life with those talents. Twice I walked away from these talents because I didn’t understand them, I didn’t see how God could work in my life with art.

I’d just like to tell you, if you are struggling with God’s calling for your life. Take time to figure it out and pray about it. Don’t rush into a profession (nursing for me) just because you don’t know how God can use your talents or passions. Trust that God made you passionate about something for a reason or that God gave you talent for a reason.


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