Actions Are Louder Than Words

This is a good message that many people don’t seem to understand based on their actions.

Simply danLrene

I have said for years that if your eyes and your mouth did not say the same thing to me, then I did not believe anything you said.  It is like that old saying that you do not just tell someone you love them….you show them you love them. I read this yesterday on a Facebook and loved it.

“Love is shown in your deeds, not your words.”

Unfortunately, with the world gone cyber, we do not always see the other person’s eyes to look into and know the truth and so we do have to go by what they do and do not do.

Being authentic and ethical is not in just about what you do but also in what you fail to do. If you are dishonest and fail to go back and correct that, then you are not being authentic. If you say you believe in equality…

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