“No, you turn”

Here’s my random thought for the day. I’m from the South where people on the road generally will wave you on in front of them even if it’s not your turn: people are just like that. Frankly it got on my nerves a bit. Sometimes I would get stuck behind someone who would wave several cars ahead while I was stuck behind… Anyway, the point of this short story is this, when my husband and I moved to the North we saw a different kind of No U Turn sign. The one above was the one that we were used to, the one below was the one that was new to us. I immediately read it out loud accenting it a little differently than it was intended to be. Instead on “No U turn” I said “No, YOU turn” while waving my hand. My husband and I still laugh when we see one of the No, You Turn signs. Well, now you know.


2 thoughts on ““No, you turn”

  1. You made my day. I’m sitting in my studio having lunch and when I read your story – well I couldn’t stop laughing. I laughed like I wouldn’t laugh again! GREAT!!!

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