From the Kitchen: Strawberry Rhubarb Pop Tarts

Ooooooo! This looks amazing.

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I grew up in a 1980’s frozen dinner, margarine on toast, American cheese, powdered Country Time Lemonade kinda family. Organic? Never heard of it. Locally grown? What’s that? My mom bought me Lunchables,Pringles and Great White Shark fruit snacks. We were quite the packaged goods family. And while I think I turned out okay, I would never in a million years feed my kids the way I was allowed to eat. Never!! So sadly, my little ones will never know the goodness that is a Kellog’s Pop Tart…but they will most likely get a homemade version every so often as a special treat.

When rhubarb’s in season, I can’t help but buy it whenever I find it, and what better upgrade to the classic strawberry toaster treat!! These mini tarts are the perfect single serving of nostalgia (and they’re excellent with milk!) Enjoy!! -xo

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