I have a crush.

This is a really cool blog! Check it out if you are artsy and crafty.

Craft Schmaft

It’s going to be a big couple of weeks here at Craft Schmaft HQ. I’m going to be at three craft and design fairs in three weeks with the first, Finders Keepers Sydney, kicking off on 31st of May. Huzzah! It’s going to be me all over the place. So many of the balloon kits sold out at the last fair that I’ve been designing some brand newies. Here’s a sneak peek…

Hot Air Balloon Fabric PanelI haven’t named this one yet – any ides?  This piece was on an afternoon when the colours just sang to me and the design almost completed itself. So rare. I was probably procrastinating about doing something else, which ironically is when my best creative moments happen. I couldn’t wait to see the fabric test print which arrived this morning. What do you think? 

And then there are the Emerald balloons that I promised you picces of…

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