My first time making Cake Pops

Once upon a time today I decided to make cake pops. I’m having a little get together to celebrate finding out that my baby is going to be a boy! Anywho, so here’s the pictorial version of how I made cake pops. You can see that the end result is lacking. I’m not sure why the icing ended up looking lumpy. If any of you have made cake pops more successfully that I, please let me know your secret. Thanks in advance!










The Dangers of Drinking Coffee and Painting

Once upon a time…

…a painter was inspired to paint an amazing sky with billowy clouds. However it was early and the howls and shrieks of her husband’s banshee alarm did not fully wake her up. So she made a cup of fresh roasted Folgers and went to work on the canvas. (Has anyone else noticed that while Folgers and Maxwell House are similarly priced, the former tastes like fresh roasted heaven and the later is a combination of bark and dirt clods?)

You guessed it, there was a slight mix up in my glasses.

The moral of this short story is: be fully awake when you paint, or don’t use similarly sized objects to hold your yummy wake-up juice and your blue poison water.