Five Tips to Decorate a Bookshelf

This is something that I need to do in my house. I would love for my bookshelves to be beautiful. :)

If you follow us on Facebook, you have already read that our office bookshelf was featured on The Steven and Chris Show, a Canadian design/talk show.  To say I was thrilled is an understatement.  The downside?  The show doesn’t allow streaming outside of Canada, so I couldn’t watch it!  Recently, though, I received a dvd of the segment from a producer, so I’ve been able to bask in all the glory.  So, I guess I may be called an ‘expert’ on decorating bookshelves?  That’s pretty extreme, but here’s the photo that was shown, taken from this post.

Here’s the play-by-play on what was said about our bookshelves. 

Steven said, “This is well-organized.”  Chris (who is more minimalist) said, “To me, this is flawlessly done.”  Their guest, design expert Cobi Ladner, said, “That is beautiful because you’ve got your storage, you’ve got your books there, but it still looks great.  There’s a knack to that and there…

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The Art of Reading with April from Flourish Cafe

I love reading and quotes as well! Thanks for sharing this blog!

Kerrie More

“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” –Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll.

Okay, it’s no surprise that I am passionate about books and reading, but I am also a huge fan of art and great quotes.  I have a journal where I write down all of the best quotes I come across.  I love looking at it from time to time for a little inspiration.  That’s why I absolutely fell in love with the designs of April Starr from her Etsy shop, Flourish Cafe.  Take a look at her stunning artwork, photography and sweet quotes, and I dare you to choose just one that you can’t live without!  All it takes is one visit to her shop to tell that April is also a lover of books.  I’m sure you will enjoy her interview as much as I did!  Happy Reading!

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This is a really interesting idea, to live without money. I don’t like the fact that money controls our lives. Much of what we do is to obtain money: money for living and money for entertainment… I wonder if we won’t be better off “quitting” money for awhile like the man in this book?

Witty Herald

Daniel Suelo lives without money. Is it possible? Yes, indeed. First, he changed his name from Shellabarger to Suelo, which in Spanish means ground/soil. Then, he put his driving license and passport in the trash and started a new life. He lived in tents, isolated communities… Now, in a cavern. He cooks in a hand made broiler, normally dead animals that he find in the roads, and bathe in a cove. Sometimes he writes in a blog – Zero Currency – when some tourist lends him a laptop.

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Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” Dorothea Lange.

What do Dorothea Lange, today and the Hunger Games have in common? Poverty. Dorothea Lange took some amazing photographs of the poverty in the South back around the 1930’s. It is interesting that, even today, there are striking differences between the poor and the rich. Also, the recent book, The Hunger Games, brought out that idea in its moving story about a girl from the Appalachian area.

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Maskull Lasserre – Incarnate Skull Book

Wow. I think this sculpture is really cool. I’ve been seeing a lot of sculptures carved into old books recently. Someday I’d like to try it.

culture and life

Canadian born Maskull Lasserre has created ‘Incarnate’a stunning human skull sculpture carved into books. Lasserre’s drawings and sculptures explore the unexpected potential of the everyday through allegories of value, expectation, and utility. Elements of nostalgia, accident, humour, and the macabre are incorporated into works that induce strangeness in the familiar, and provoke uncertainty in the expected. There can be no doubt that this work follows that trend and will form part of his exhibition at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Artnext month.

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