What to Charge for Photography


I found this video to be quite helpful. I am very new to doing photography as part of my business and this video was helpful in finding some answers to me photography business questions. Enjoy y’all!


A Kabillion Ways to Find Freelance Graphic Design Clients

A Kabillion Ways to Find Freelance Graphic Design Clients

I am going to officially launch my graphic design business in the next few months. (My husband and I are buying a house right now, so that’s taking priority over my time.) However, I will soon have an abundance of free time to work on my website and business and I needed a place to start. So I went to my long-time friend, Google, and asked for some help. I found this awesome website that has a list of more than enough ways to find clients. If I were to do half of these things, I would have more work than I’d know what to do with. So if you are just starting out like me or if you are in a rut and don’t know where to go from here, check out this list! 

Happy Designing!!!

15 graphic design interview tips

15 graphic design interview tips

1. When you arrive in the interview give us your business card. It should be well designed, memorable, simple and hopefully have a great idea. It should be unique and you should be branded.
2. Have 8–12 pieces of work in your folio. Put the best pieces at the front and back.
3. Have at least six questions ready to ask (if you have less, you’ll find they will be answered in the course of the interview).
4. Take a pad and pen, take it out at the beginning of the interview. You don’t have to take notes, but it looks as if you are organized.
5. Talk about your work before you show it, but don’t talk too much. This should be one short sentence to engage the interviewer with you. We will be looking at you as you speak. Then show us your work.
6. Have samples and mock ups.
7. Bring sketches. We are as interested in how you got to the final solution as the solution itself. You can show other concepts.
8. Have a copy of your CV (resumé) at the back of the portfolio. Offer it even if we already have it.
9. On your CV don’t tell people about exam results or part-time jobs that have nothing to do with your chosen career. It pisses us off.
10. Don’t talk about holiday or money in a first interview.
11. Give a firm handshake.
12. Tell us you really want the job (believe it or not, hardly anyone does this).
13. Ask for our business card(s).
14. When you get back home, send an email thanking us for the interview.
15. Make sure your branding is consistent on your business card, CV and email signature.

One for luck: Remember, 80% of design students are crap. We see lots of CVs (95% of which are crap). If you can get into the top 20% you will get a job.

Taken from this article below.
15 Graphic Design Interview Tips