The Thanksgiving Art Project #tgartproject

My Little Brave-01

The Thanksgiving Art Project

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

The Thanksgiving Art Project is a project that I created to raise money for a charity fighting Ebola. Please click on the link in the bar above or the one here to read more. I have over 40 paintings for sale on my Etsy for those of you who’d like to participate. The above painting is one of the pieces for sale.


The Dangers of Drinking Coffee and Painting

Once upon a time…

…a painter was inspired to paint an amazing sky with billowy clouds. However it was early and the howls and shrieks of her husband’s banshee alarm did not fully wake her up. So she made a cup of fresh roasted Folgers and went to work on the canvas. (Has anyone else noticed that while Folgers and Maxwell House are similarly priced, the former tastes like fresh roasted heaven and the later is a combination of bark and dirt clods?)

You guessed it, there was a slight mix up in my glasses.

The moral of this short story is: be fully awake when you paint, or don’t use similarly sized objects to hold your yummy wake-up juice and your blue poison water.

Garden of Tulips

Tulips are my favorite flower in the world. There is something so beautiful and simple about them. They are also one of the first flowers to show up in spring. They are hipsters in that way. Lol. I started a watercolor of a garden of tulips yesterday. Here are a few photos of my progress.

What is Only Art? What only is art?

1. The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture.
2. Works produced by such skill and imagination.

Art is so much bigger than a canvas or piece of paper and some medium that makes color! Art is all around us in everything that we see, feel, touch and experience. This is why I have many, many categories on my blog. I have traditional art like Painting, Sculpture, and Photography. But there are other things that are art as well. Food can be art. Movies are most definitely art! And no one can argue that music is not art.

So if you found yourself on this page called “Only Art” and thought that there is more than art here, you now know why. Enjoy all the beauty that the world has to offer!

Oignon Haché

Because I couldn’t think of a clever way to say “I painted a chopped onion” I just wrote it in french. I was looking for a challenge to watercolor today and I found it in the transparent skin of the onion. What do you think? I’m fairly happy with the results.

A watercolor by me on March 3, 2012.

culdesac: the paint evolution

Here are some fun and different paint brushes.


‘the paint evolution’ by culdesac for valentine

valencia-based designers culdesac have created ‘the paint evolution’ for the paint company valentine. their collaborative project
celebrates the ever changing nature of artistic tools and implements within the valentine brand.
brushes and rollers in this creative collection feature an interactive, form-as-function approach to the construction of each piece.
one may anticipate the mark and movement of the implement in an artist’s hand simply by examining the form of each object.

‘genetic mutations give birth to imaginative instruments: the brush compass, pendulum or whip give us a clue
to the behavior of paint through sketches and through history’

the ‘whip cephalus’ is an essential species in the ‘action painting’ technique

a brush which allows for painting by hand

a brush in which the painter moves the brush with a clenched fist

a passive painterly approach may be reached by applying color to…

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Dana Delight

In between work and studying I found a little bit of time to paint. Here is my latest painting that I am working on. It is an acrylic painting of my sister’s Arabian horse named Dana Delight.

“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire.” Sharon Ralls Lemon