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When Death Dies

Yesterday I went to an amazing Gungor concert! If you haven’t listened to them before, take a couple of minutes now and listen! They are amazing.

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Stop acting rich to be rich.

Here’s a good post about two interesting books from another blogger that I follow. Enjoy!

Stop Acting Rich

C.S. Lewis quotes on friendship

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” ~ C.S Lewis

“Is any pleasure on earth as great as a circle of Christian friends by a good fire?” ~ C.S Lewis

“The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.” ~ C.S Lewis


Mortality: See the Brush Stokes


Georges de la Tour

I have often contemplated mortality, life, death, the inevitable end of everything we know… I’m a Christian, so life after death is a positive thing for me. I believe that it will be infinetly better than the here and now. However, for artists throughout time, this issue has been of great importance: from Hans Holbein to the famous British artist Damien Hirst.

Why does human mortality cross these artists minds? Why is it so deep in their thoughts that it comes out in so many paintings? I believe that in part it is because artists doen’t view the world the same way that others do. We do not see the surface of an object and take it at face value. In fact we don’t merely glance at a table and see a table, or a painting and see a painting. We see the wood that the table is made out of. We see the scratches on the surface created by the use over time. We see shapes created by color and shadow in the painting. We notice that the frame helps or hurts the quality of the image. We see the brush strokes…

So it would make sence that this “sight” translates to our lives. We see the “brush strokes” of time. We pick up on subtle changes in the world around us. We see the spring flowers are a slightly deeper shade of purple today indicating that they will soon fall to the ground, having been used up and discarded.

So the obvious human mortality does not go unnoticed by us artists. We are all too aware of the fact that we are here now, we will be slightly different tomorrow, and than eventually we will be gone. Is that too morbid of a thought for you? Well, remember that you can make the most of your life today! If you are a Christian like me, than you can do your best to do what God wants you too do. You may have an amazing calling to change the world, or maybe you were meant to better and enrich the lives of those around you. Whatever your purpose is do it to the best of your abilities.


Damien Hirst

Frans Hals


The Orange Monks and The King

Here’s the first of several posts on Cambodia. I spent over three weeks in Cambodia back in 2005 when I was a college sophomore. It was an amazing trip. I was not as good at photography back then and I didn’t have a very good camera, so pardon the flaws in my photos. One thing that stood out to me when I was at Angkor Wat was the robes that the monks wore. They were an amazing shade of orange which contrasted nicely with everything else which was green or earthy-brown.

Also, on a side note, the monks are very friendly. They loved to talk with the tourists. I was told it was because they could practice their English. I didn’t mind. Actually most of the people there were ridiculously nice to me. As a red-haired white girl, I am as white as it gets, which made me practically a celebrity there. Old women were always touching my skin and children wanted to hug me.

One day I was looking at trinkets at the kiosks that were set up around the temples when a little girl ran up to me and grabbed my hand. She was in a hurry to tell me something very important, I could tell. She began to drag me to the road where a crowd had been for some time. As half my height she really couldn’t force me anywhere, but she was so serious that I went along with it. I asked her what was so important? As she began pushing me into the crowd she was saying “The king is coming! The king is coming!” It wasn’t until later that I realized what had happened. A fancy black car with escort cars drove by slowly with a middle aged man waving out of a window.

Here’s what had happened. The people in the town had heard that their king would drive through town sometime that day and so everyone (including school children because the schools were cancelled for this reason) was out on the roads waiting to catch a glimpse of their king. This little girl had been there, on the side of the road, all day waiting for her king. But when she saw that there was someone unaware of the king’s soon return, she immediately responded. Everyone must know that the king is coming. No one should be left unaware. Wow! She had pushed me into the prime viewing spot without without thought for herself. She wanted everyone to know that her king was coming!

I didn’t mean to tell this story here, but it is just so powerful. As Christian metaphors go, you can’t get a better one for proclaiming the news of Jesus’ second coming. Take advice from this little girl. If you see someone unaware of the soon second coming then drop whatever you are doing and immediately go tell them. Don’t stand, with your back turned to the world, waiting impatiently for His return. Like the little girl, she didn’t care what she had to do to get everyone to see her king.