The Thanksgiving Art Project #tgartproject

My Little Brave-01

The Thanksgiving Art Project

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

The Thanksgiving Art Project is a project that I created to raise money for a charity fighting Ebola. Please click on the link in the bar above or the one here to read more. I have over 40 paintings for sale on my Etsy for those of you who’d like to participate. The above painting is one of the pieces for sale.



How I made curtains



How to make curtains

1. Pick out fabric.

2. Cut out fabric. Cut fabric 2 inches wider than the curtains that you’d like and 10 inches longer.

3. Hem the side edges. Fold edges in 1/2 an inch. Than fold over again half an inch. Sew along the hem. (Sorry this isn’t pictured. Sometimes I forget to photograph everything.)

4. Create hanging loops for the top. (Also not pictured.) I cut out 16 squares that were 5 inches by 4 inches. I folded the squares in half on the 5 inch side and sewed them together to create 5 inch long loops. I turned them inside right and ironed them flat.

5. Iron the top edge of curtains as shown.


I’ll try to explain a little more. First lay fabric so that the front of the curtains is facing up. Fold the top edge fabric 1/2 an inch onto the curtain and iron flat. Fold another 1/2 an inch down and iron again. Turn the fabric over and fold the top edge half an inch that direction. You should now have a nice little pocket to sew the loops into.

6. Tuck the loops into fold as shown. And pin the loops down. I used 8 loops on each of my curtains. I placed the first one on the edge and then the others were placed roughly 8 inches apart.


7. Sew two seems along the top edge to hold the loops and such in place. In the photo above you can see that I’ve sown the top curtain together already.

8. Hem the bottom of the curtains. I folded these 3 inches than rolled it up three more inches so that the bottom has a little more weight and hangs better. It depends on how long you want your curtains. In another room I made curtains with a 4 inch hem on the bottom.


9. Package them up and send them on their merry way!