What to Charge for Photography


I found this video to be quite helpful. I am very new to doing photography as part of my business and this video was helpful in finding some answers to me photography business questions. Enjoy y’all!


Building a Bench

My husband has always wanted an ottoman type of thing for our living room. But since we are both in school we do not have a ton of extra money to spare on furniture. So when a friend at work said that she was selling her ugly, old coffee table for $5 I snatched it up promptly.

I was pleased to find out that this table was built with a really strong wood and would definitely be strong enough for a bench.

The first step was to remove the weird railing from the edge.

Then we had to sand down the legs and spray paint them outside.

After the several coats of spray paint we had to put the 3 inch foam and the cotton batting and the fabric on with a staple gun that we borrowed from a friend. We also had to drill holes in the wood to sew on the buttons. The end result was an amazing bench!

Here’s a link to the helpful instruction page that we used!