What to Charge for Photography


I found this video to be quite helpful. I am very new to doing photography as part of my business and this video was helpful in finding some answers to me photography business questions. Enjoy y’all!


Stop acting rich to be rich.

Here’s a good post about two interesting books from another blogger that I follow. Enjoy!

Stop Acting Rich

This is a really interesting idea, to live without money. I don’t like the fact that money controls our lives. Much of what we do is to obtain money: money for living and money for entertainment… I wonder if we won’t be better off “quitting” money for awhile like the man in this book?

Witty Herald

Daniel Suelo lives without money. Is it possible? Yes, indeed. First, he changed his name from Shellabarger to Suelo, which in Spanish means ground/soil. Then, he put his driving license and passport in the trash and started a new life. He lived in tents, isolated communities… Now, in a cavern. He cooks in a hand made broiler, normally dead animals that he find in the roads, and bathe in a cove. Sometimes he writes in a blog – Zero Currency – when some tourist lends him a laptop.

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How rich are you?

First of all, how rich are you? Check out this site and find out how you compare on a global scale not just compared to the Joneses next door.
No Really, How Rich Are You? Find Out.

American Society, your children are whining for toys and candy in Walmart. This is a stark contrast to the children that I’ve observed in much poorer countries: (i.e. Cambodia). I’ve visited 14 other countries as well and I have yet to see children as misbehaved as I do in America. I will venture a guess that the way children behave in public is a reflection of how the adults behave in private. (Are you selfish. Do you frequently talk about the things you wish you could have? Are you angry when other people have bigger TVs than you? Your children pick up on this). I’m not saying that well behaved children aren’t out there, and I’m not saying that it isn’t the worst behaved children that catch my eye either. What I am saying is teach your children to appreciate what they do have. You, yourselves, appreciate what you have. Most likely you are in the top 10% in the world. Take the quiz and find out. Also, check out these happy children below, none of them have air-conditioning, some don’t have parents (these were taken in an orphanage), and one of them doesn’t even have a house (he’s living on that boat).

What Did You Give Up, To Get What You Got?

Wow, thanks for writing this. I definitely fall into the category of wanting it all. With an exception of a substantial amount of money (I just want enough to travel to Europe again, and Egypt when they settle down a tad, and India, and New Zealand, and China, and… well, a lot of places. I’m a travel-holic in my heart.) I want a family and kids, and a job that I love and my family respects, and I want to keep all my good friends forever. When I look at it with my mind instead of my heart, I can see that these things have to be prioritized. Can I work on my MFA in Art History and have kids at the same time? Maybe. But should I? These are good questions to ask myself.