Pollen and Puppies


Spring is in full swing in Tennessee. My puppy, Kieran, and I spent some time outside today and I couldn’t believe how much pollen there was out there! He, however, was not displeased to find all the pollen. He licked it up off the front porch where it had collected in little drifts. I found that to be a little gross. When he was done it looked like he had been eating donuts covered in yellow powdered sugar. My puppy is weird but cute.




Spiders: not a good photography subject.

Here’s the photo of the day. I saw this spider yesterday while I was on a walk. I don’t like spiders at all. I had a hard time looking at this photo to do some minor editing tweaks. I literally guessed on the sharpening because I couldn’t look at the photo whist it was zoomed in on the spider. I think I’ll stick to photographing people and landscapes and nice stuff.

Black and White Wind Power

I love driving past the fields of windmills in northern Indiana on my trips between Michigan and Tennessee. I’m glad that some places are really putting an effort into alternative power sources. This Earth isn’t going to last forever if we keep doing things the way that they are done now.

Herb Cubes for Soup and other dishes!

I have been growing a small indoor herb garden for several months now. Those of you how keep up with my posts know that. :) About two weeks ago I left for my summer vacation and I wanted to preserve some of my herbs before I left. The plants had grown into small bushes and desperately needed a trimming. After searching the internet for a solution that would preserve them quickly and easily, I discovered the freezing method. Check out the link below for the directions that I followed to create these adorable herb cubes. I have already used them in several noodle dishes!

How to Freeze Fresh Herbs