Day 362 – Stay A Little Longer

This is a beautiful photo. I love the colors!

Ian Spagnolo Photography

Stay A Little Longer

One of my biggest mistakes when starting out in my photographic journey was leaving after I thought the best light had passed. I now make sure I stay a little longer, because like this morning, a dull grey sunrise can quickly throw a splash of colour out for a moment and make things a little more interesting.

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What should I write about next?

Ok some of you have known me for a few weeks now. You’ve seen the kind of art work that I do. So, here’s the question: what would you like to see next? If you aren’t sure, just vote anyway! Thank you everyone who made it onto this page to vote.

Working with Wire is Frustrating: Jellyfish Sculpture

I’ve never had this much trouble photographing one of my sculptures. I created life in this sculpture and it just won’t sit still. Lol.

This was my very first time soldering. It was mostly frustrating until I got the hang of it. Then it was slightly less than mostly frustrating.

I wanted to create a flow-y, motion filled sculpture as a jellyfish. Mostly I accomplished those goals. What do you guys think?