Pollen and Puppies


Spring is in full swing in Tennessee. My puppy, Kieran, and I spent some time outside today and I couldn’t believe how much pollen there was out there! He, however, was not displeased to find all the pollen. He licked it up off the front porch where it had collected in little drifts. I found that to be a little gross. When he was done it looked like he had been eating donuts covered in yellow powdered sugar. My puppy is weird but cute.



Random and Fun Photography!

Hello again! It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about anything. Hopefully I’ll have some free time to blog again in the future, but for now here’s some random photography that I’ve been working on! :)

Black and White Wind Power

I love driving past the fields of windmills in northern Indiana on my trips between Michigan and Tennessee. I’m glad that some places are really putting an effort into alternative power sources. This Earth isn’t going to last forever if we keep doing things the way that they are done now.

Finals are over!

I just thought that the world should know that I am done with finals! I can let my creative side loose once again and get back to what is important to life: painting, sculpting, and general time wasting goodness like summer TV series!

Happy summer! And may the weather be ever in your favor!