The Thanksgiving Art Project #tgartproject

My Little Brave-01

The Thanksgiving Art Project

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

The Thanksgiving Art Project is a project that I created to raise money for a charity fighting Ebola. Please click on the link in the bar above or the one here to read more. I have over 40 paintings for sale on my Etsy for those of you who’d like to participate. The above painting is one of the pieces for sale.



A Poem Without Words: Black and White Art

My amazing sister sketched all of these from her imagination. One day I hope to be like her and come up with beautiful art from my mind. I, on the other hand, still have to look at a photograph or something from real life to make art.

Hyperrealism?! Challenge accepted!

Check out this site below for more amazing Hyperrealistic paintings. This really blows my mind to think that these are paintings. Maybe it isn’t suprising that someone could paint like that, but that someone would take that much time on one painting! I love to paint fast with broad brushstrokes and tons of emotion. Although after looking at some of these paintings I an intreaged by the challenge within them. “Can you paint like us?” the paintings taunt. I don’t know, I thought. But why stop at I don’t know? Why not find out? So like always, when presented with a challenge, I accept! I’ve already sketched out a painting and have started. Soon, I will post my first attempt at a hyperrealistic painting! Keep in mind that ATTEMPT is the key word here.


Mary spanking Jesus: What do you think of this painting?

The Blessed Virgin Chastises the Infant Jesus Before Three Witnesses: Andr√© Breton, Paul √Čluard, and the Painter

Max Ernst (1926)

An interesting attribute of Mary in the painting is that she still retains her halo even after spanking young Jesus. This means that she is still pure and holy and has not lost her holiness due to her actions.

A warrior for light: In Memory of Thomas Kinkade

I just heard that Thomas Kinkade has passed away. He was known for his idyllic paintings. He has also become America’s most collected living artist. I think that his painting style was beautiful. For me, these scenes are too perfect. Life isn’t like that, but I can see how this would appeal to a lot of people. It is good that Kinkade could bring so much positive artwork to so many people. You will be missed, Thomas Kinkade.

Happy birthday Vincent Van Gogh

A new theory on Van Gogh’s death has come to my attention recently. He may not have killed himself. Now why would we still be investigating this death? If it because we love Van Gogh so much that we cannot accept that he would kill himself? Are we in denial? Or is it that we would like to give Van Gogh’s memory something that he never had in his short and difficult life? We want to believe in him. We want to know in our hearts that this is not how we as humans treat artists. “Suicided by society” is what Antonin Artaud called it. We don’t want to think that our acceptance of art and artists or our rejection could have that kind of effect on a painting genius.

Oh well, maybe we have been trained to like this sort of art now just like the people of his day were trained to not like it. Hmmmm…

The moral to this story: read the new biography on Van Gogh and decide for yourself where the evidence leads and keep an open mind when it comes to art and all things that you see. Who knows, one day something that isn’t treasured today will be priceless tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Vincent Van Gogh! Here’s my version of one of my favorite Van Gogh paintings. :)

An article about Van Gogh