Pollen and Puppies


Spring is in full swing in Tennessee. My puppy, Kieran, and I spent some time outside today and I couldn’t believe how much pollen there was out there! He, however, was not displeased to find all the pollen. He licked it up off the front porch where it had collected in little drifts. I found that to be a little gross. When he was done it looked like he had been eating donuts covered in yellow powdered sugar. My puppy is weird but cute.



Art of Octavio Ocampo

I really like this painting by Octavio Ocampo. At first I was looking really close at it and could only see the flowers. Then I stepped back and saw the face immediately. I think that it is amazing that he would be able to create two paintings in one. I wonder which version he came up with first? The woman or the flowers?

Garden of Tulips

Tulips are my favorite flower in the world. There is something so beautiful and simple about them. They are also one of the first flowers to show up in spring. They are hipsters in that way. Lol. I started a watercolor of a garden of tulips yesterday. Here are a few photos of my progress.

Window Herb Garden

Back in January I planted several different kinds of herbs in old coffee containers. I put them all in my sunniest window. Since I live in an apartment, I don’t have anywhere to put them outside. (Michigan apartments don’t usually have porches because we could only use them in August anyway. Lol.)

Fresh herbs are quite expensive. But they are necessary for most awesome recipes like eggplant Parmesan and Hungarian mushroom soup! Two of my husband’s favorites. I pretty excited that I got to repurpose some old containers in my small effort to be green and I get cheap fresh herbs! So far the herbs seem to be doing great!