A much needed redesign for this amazing community resource

I’m working on a new website design for this public library. Here is my proposed redesign for this amazing little community resource. Last year I redesigned their logo and I think that it’s time they also get a website redesign. If you examine the original website and my redesign, you will notice that all the information is still included only now it is a lot easier to find what you are looking for!

Original Library Website

And a reminder of the old logo.

Be the Hero: A Super Website Design

Purposed website and first pamphlet in a series for an anti-bullying campaign for children and early teens. These pocket sized pamphlets are a small square so that the kids can put it in their pockets without drawing attention to the fact that they are asking for help about bullying. The website and pamphlet are designed around a super hero theme.

It’s Fun to Play With: a Graphic Design Portfolio

I ran into this online portfolio when I was doing research for my own portfolio. It’s called magneticNorth. I particularly like this one because of the first page. It’s fun to play with. You really just have to go check it out to know what I’m talking about.